Thursday, October 31, 2019

Why be moral Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Why be moral - Essay Example It does need to be noted that Nietzsche refers to the common masses as ‘herd’. They are a herd in the sense that they rather chose to live according to collective instincts, instead of living their life in accordance with a questioning and doubting intellect. Hence, the herd morality, which is so dear to the masses, encourages people to deny individuality and diversity, in favor of a forced notion of equality supported by a misunderstood concept of democracy. Nietzsche criticizes this herd morality because it tends to value such things and ethics, which actually have no value, just because the majority happens to uphold them. As per Nietzsche, this herd morality forces a social, moral and ethical conformity, instead of nurturing human individuality and human greatness. A realistic and viable sense of morality requires an individual to be willing to suffer, to reject the comfort and security provided by the herd membership, in favor of a painful and questioning conscience. However, instead of embracing the loneliness and insecurity accompanying a questioning intellect, the people in the contemporary Europe opt for a false sense of ‘well being’ that comes with being a member of a herd. This turns people into cowards, who chose to be submissive and meek, instead of choosing to be brave by welcoming all the self-doubt and self-criticism that comes when one approaches ethical issues from a fresh perspective. As per Nietzsche, thi s herd mentality is very clever in the sense that it subjugates the instincts and emotions of the masses in return for a cheap sense of stability and collectiveness. It plays on the fears of the people to prevent them for attaining their higher self. According to Nietzsche, this herd morality is indeed inferior to a higher morality that allows the humans to achieve their full potential and growth. This higher morality is not

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