Thursday, March 19, 2020

The fox essays

The fox essays This paper aims at analyzing the short novel The Fox written by David Herbert Lawrence. The point from the short novel that will be analyzed is concerning Henrys will of marrying March. The two hypotheses formulated are: Henry was interested in the farm and in Marchs capture, like a hunter on an animal. The main goal in this analysis is to confirm which hypothesis best portrays the authors idea. The short novel The Fox portrays the lives of two friends, March and Bandford, as they were called. They lived on a farm by themselves in a peaceful way. Bandford had a weak health, so March did everything at the farm and also took care of her. Henry, (a soldier) arrived at the farm looking for his grandfather, but he had died. So, he stayed in the farm with the girls. As the time passed, Henry decided to marry March, but Bandford was against it. At the end, Banford died and March married him. David Herbert Lawrence was born on 11 September 1885 in Nottinghamshire, England. He wrote about the fulfilled relationships of men and women, and the crucial relationship between human beings and the natural world. He lived on a farm with his family. His main works were Women in love, The Rainbow and others. He wrote The Fox during the I World War in 1918. (Source?) The short novel tells about two friends, March and Bandford that lived alone in the Bailey farm. Bandford had a weak health so March took care about the hard work in the farm. March was odd and absent-minded but had a strange magnanimity. They raised fowls and ducks, and were afraid of a fox that was carrying hens under their very noses. One day March met the fox and they had eye contact. At this moment March was spell-bounded by the fox. The fox impressed her. The time passed and March was also not conscious that she thought of the fox. March was possessed by him. One evening, a young soldier arrived at the farm looking for h...

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