Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Diabetes type 2 treatment and prevention Research Paper

Diabetes type 2 treatment and prevention - Research Paper Example 2011). This brings us to the question; what is diabetes? Bethesda, M. (2008) describes diabetes as a disorder that affects the way the body utilizes digested food for energy and growth. Candib, L. (2007) says that biological factors contribute to the offspring chances of getting diabetes. Tuomilehto, et al (2011) says that the good news is that diabetes may be prevented despite it being a hereditary disease, evidence proves that diabetes may be delayed or prevented in persons at high risk (those with impaired glucose regulation). Clinical research has proved that those at risk of developing diabetes have a 50% chance of not developing it provided they follow a healthy lifestyle; this includes a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and increasing the level of physical activity. Frank, B. (2011) suggests that obesity and overweight are the leading contributors to diabetes. He says that the majority of adults in the developing countries is affected the most. Tuomilehto, et al, (2011) suggests that obesity can be prevented or reduced by encouraging people to do physical exercise, improving on their eating habits; this may be achieved by eating smaller portions and choosing healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and by eating boiled foods that have less cholesterol and change of lifestyle;. He further suggests the following as ways of preventing obesity; change of family eating habits and activities rather than focusing on weight reduction. Parents should act as role models for their children; they may do this by eating healthy and increasing their level of physical exercise Bethesda, M. (2008) says that in addition to being obese and overweight the age of above 45 years is also a risk factor for developing diabetes. He further suggests those with the age of above 45 years should go for regular medical checkups, which should be repeated at least every 3

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