Monday, November 18, 2019

State of African Americans in the United States Early 1900's Essay

State of African Americans in the United States Early 1900's - Essay Example The Afro-Americans political experience can be explained by social injustices and liberals which forsake other elements of its past liberal which Dunn (1998) explains that it is what made America what it has become today. For example, labor movements, Roosevelt’s trust busting, and Johnson Great Society, as well as other civil studies that took place in America back in 1920. Looking back at Afro-American history, it becomes obvious that its social issues drove the electorate of the country through out the 20th century. However, the most important thing to understand is that the social issues shifted to various forms of parties and because of these, the country’s social electorate changed its economic platform. Some of them were slaves who served in rich white men land. However, historical figures like Washington educational legacy helped transform the condition of Afro-Americans in the twenty first century, and transformed them into liberal thinking and conservative bla ck towards their economic success. Mathew (2006) asserts that Washington was a supporter of Afro-Americans education, who helped broaden their minds to a culture that included classics and Latin exploration. He had planned for their education in order to ensure that they had economic success and status. The legal rights in the South have changed over the past 30 years, especially from the time of Civil war to today. For example, the social conservatism helped in shaping American politics. Washington and Fonvielle helped the Afro-Americans in changing their legal rights by advocating for equal rights to each American citizen (Rubel, 2005). This kind of proclamation emancipation helped the African Americans to unite with the army in order to make a rapid progress like the white soldiers. The army tried to change the mind of their citizens as well as influence the legislative in terms of their legal rights. Additionally, from the time of civil war to today, Democratic Party was seen as a party of South. The party having being termed as common-man’ party, it is said to have favored the working class in terms of economic matters (Rubel, 2005).The south was therefore, a democratic region, but when it shifted its gear to republican, the economic implications changed. This is because, when blacks got the right to vote, they voted for the Republican Party because of Lincoln who was reconstructing the South at the time. They also wanted both economic and social change, for example, capitalism. and liberalism. The significance of the recent movement of Afro-Americans from South to North showed that there is free movement of people from one place to another, Rubel (2005). After the civil war, the South were still farmers, where the Democratic Party represented them. The movement of the South to North was mostly to escape from the slavery bonds and therefore, decided to move to the Free states. This was as a result of the Abolitionists like Washington’s and F rontier advocacy who were working underground to guide the Afro-Americans into freedom. However, during the reconstruction, America struggled to free the slaves and assimilate them into local and national communities, at the same time minimize those citizens who were not willing to help the African- Americans. The Washington, Frontiers and other supporters of

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