Monday, November 25, 2019

Sleep Disorders essays

Sleep Disorders essays The effect between the number hours asleep and performance on tests. The problem is that if the number hours sleeping will effect what you will do the next day. Or, does the hours sleeping have no effect on what happens the next day. Does the hours asleep really effect performances we meet the following day? Do people feel better if they had the right hours asleep the night before? Do they feel more relaxed and more devoted on what they are doing if they get the right hours asleep. I went to articles to pursue this topic and found out a lot of information about it. There were many different studies on sleeping disorders and being deprived of sleep. This problem has been around for awhile. A lot of people ave done experiments on the effects of seeping. People always wondered about if sleep has an effect on how we live the next day. They might think that you would not does as well if not given enough sleep the night before. But does sleep has an effect on our performance on any given thing. Glory Cochrane wrote an article on the effects of sleep deprivation. She wrote about sleep loss has negative effects on three basic areas, motor performance, cognitive functions, and mood. It has the strongest effect on mood and weakness on motor functions. She also says that any loss of sleep can have varying effects on an individuals ability to deal with day today situations. An author of science news named B. Bower also wrote an article on sleep deprivation. He wrote that sleep deprived people display generally lower brain activity while grappling with math problems than do when rested. He also wrote that the build up sleep promoting substances, such as adenosine, in the prefrontal cortex of sleepy individuals may cause that area to work harder when confronted ...

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